My work reflects my busy and active mind. I have a deep curiosity to look and explore. As I walk around the city, I absorb shapes, colors and spaces. I collect those little fragments and tuck them away. My paintings move with line and color, just as I move through this world. The lines are wandering, and the marks are bold. Like a risk-taker. It's the excitement and joy of seeing everyday things one more time. It's what I see, how I move, and how I think. I go for another walk. I see the world again. And then I let those fragments explode onto the canvas.

I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton University with a degree in Economics and Finance. I have an MBA with High Honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. And one more thing. I can't stop painting.

"Dreams Come True" solo show at Thomas Masters Gallery (April 13 - May 10 2018)