The Blue Cave

I followed the orange path by the blue lake. I was enchanted by the shiny orange sparkles that glimmered in the distance. I wanted those mandarin diamonds. It was getting hot on the orange path, and my feet were starting to burn. I was tempted to dip my toes in the lake to cool down, so I started to step off the orange trail. But I couldn’t. It was like the orange path was sucking me in, and I couldn’t move away from the colored runway. I tried harder and harder to pull away. And the harder I tried, the angrier the orange path became. I could feel the ground getting hotter and the orange color turning darker. My feet started to sink into the burnt orange sand. I screamed and pulled, desperately wanting to dive into blue lake next to me. The orange path enveloped me and I was thrust down an orange slide into the depths of the blue cave. I started following a blue path now suddenly enchanted by millions of shiny blue sparkles that twinkled in the dark.