The Imaginary Mermaid

I found myself doing somersaults in the rain. I wanted to be a mermaid. I was tumbling down the hill along the wet grass when I crashed into a tree. I was slightly dazed from the crash and startled when I saw a frog. It wasn’t just one frog, but a whole army of frogs. I began to inch my way backwards noticing that I was surrounded by little green creatures who were staring me down. I could barely move since I had on my tight one-piece mermaid wrap dress, purple fishnet stockings and long fin-like slippers. My outfit was designed for tumbling, diving and swimming in the rain. The frog brigade pinned me to the ground and wrapped me in twine. I looked up and in the tree there was the king frog with a golden crown. He blended into the leaves and his deep voice echoed among the trees. I began to explain exactly how I became a mermaid, and I’m certain he was convinced.