The Pink Necklace

I found a necklace in my garden. It was draped around the tulips waiting for me to save it. I rescued the dark rose quartz gem that was cut in an imperfect shaped heart. I put the necklace on and I started to glow. My skin was radiating a light pink aura, and I began to float off the ground. I grabbed onto a tulip stem as I rose into the air, but the force was so strong that the tulip came with me. I had no control over where I was going. I gently drifted through the sky with my heart gem and my tulip. I looked behind me and I left a soft pink trail wherever I went. I floated through miles of plains and fields and oceans. I plucked a leaf off a passing by tree for a pillow as I continued to float in my sleep. I was delicately placed on the top of a castle tower where I was greeted by a small hummingbird. I gave her the tulip, and then flew behind her through the turret window.