The Magic Bubbles

I was doing the dishes with a new, lavender scented dish soap. It created shimmering purple champagne bubbles that bounced into the air. I was mesmerized watching this theatrical performance of dancing bubbles. I scrubbed the dishes more and the bubbles flew higher. I used tons of soap and the bubbles got bigger. They flew to the ceiling and kissed one another as they completed their performances. I clapped at the end of each show, popping the bubbles with my hands. I watched some the bubbles merge into larger bubbles and others fall and disappear. I created a magnificent purple spectacle in my sink. I wanted to join the show, so I started jumping up and down. I curled into a ball and then exploded into a jumping jack with my arms spread wide. As I burst upwards, I reached for a huge purple bubble. I pulled it over my head and squatted down. I went to jump up again and I floated off the floor. I was trapped inside the bubble. I bounced on top of the foam fountain tower in the sink looking into the purple-tinted world outside.