The Ghost Fish

I bought a white-tailed ghost fish. I couldn't see my invisible fish, but the pet store owner assured me that he was there. I believed him, since I could see the trails of water from his movement. I took the fish home in a bowl and situated my new friend in the living room. I read books to my ghost fish in the evenings. He preferred fantasy and drama, so I started reading him the Harry Potter series. I would stop once the water was still, because I knew he was asleep. The ghost fish sometimes had nightmares, and there would be water spilled onto the floor the next morning. I cleaned up the mess and would switch the genre to sweet fairy tales to calm him down. The ghost fish had a penchant for vocabulary, and he would write notes to me. The notes disappeared quickly since they were written with the trails of water as he swam. I was reading to him one night and he started writing me a short-lived love note, "I see you".