The Mirror Monster

I walked through a purple mirror. My skin tinted to lavender, and my hair turned to a deep shade of burgundy wine. I blended into the pastel colored air almost disappearing except for my dark hair. I saw purple people running around purple streets in purple shoes with purple feet. I walked through amethyst layered gardens and passed by rows of plum-fairy palaces. I hopped across lilac stones and skipped through fields of violets. I danced under the dark raspberry sun. I ate plums and grapes as I planned my escape. I tried to go back through the mirror, but the deep fuchsia force kept pushing me away. I was battling against a monochromatic monster that had a predilection for mauve. I decided to use my secret weapon, an orange hidden in my pocket. I held it up to the purple mirror, and the mirror freaked out and dissolved into a pale white mist. I ran through the fog and I was back into my colorful world once again.