The Drama Pool

I fell into the drama pool. As soon as I hit the water, I became detached and helpless. I plunged further into blue despair and the solitude seeped deeper into my soul. My skin hallowed out and my stomach caved into emptiness. I closed my eyes convinced I was invisible. I pushed myself to the surface and pulled myself out of the pool. Immediately, I felt a rush of love wrap around me. My heart grew warmer and my skin started to glow. I opened up my eyes and I felt whole. I was tempted to throw myself into the drama pool again. This time I dove into the water and I craved the vastness of the sun. My hands reached out like spiders casting a net to grab specific traits from people I knew. I felt insecure and resentful as I rose up to the top of the pool. I climbed out and a flood of calmness washed over me. I was happy right where I was standing. I walked away from the drama pool. I could feel the residue from the first round of loneliness and the second dip of envy. I continued walking with these mixed feelings that were gone but had soaked deep into my skin.