The Buffalo Cave

I stole some paintings from a buffalo cave. I had three beautiful pieces of art framed in my living room. They were ancient drawings of different shapes etched into bark each in a monochrome color palette. It was clearly done by the artesian buffalo breed that had a creative bent. I imagined they would carve the shapes with their horns and mix flowers and leaves for pigments. I was certain that my paintings were done by female buffaloes because they were in pinks and purples. I was moving so I decided to sell my buffalo paintings. I put an ad on Craigslist under authentic ancient buffalo art. I had tons of inquiries because pink buffalo paintings are super popular. The first person that came to see the paintings was the father of a small girl who lived a few blocks away. He asked me if I wanted to expand my collection. Surprised and slightly tempted, I said yes. Maybe I did have room for an entire wall of buffalo paintings after all! I went to his house and the walls were full of art similar to the pieces that I had in my living room. I looked outside and saw a small girl painting raw formed shapes on trees with a brush. I found the buffalo artist.