The Feeling Glass

I looked into the mirror and I saw myself dissolve. I disappeared into a faint white fog. I stared harder into the glass and I began to come back. I was wrapped in a soft pale red. I reached out to touch myself and the color melted through my hand. I wanted more and I grabbed the red wrap and pulled it out from the mirror. I wrapped the delicate scarf around my shoulders. I felt calm and beautiful. I looked into the empty mirror and I started to see a darker red forming with hard edges. It was the color of deep red wine. I poked it gently and it stained my fingers. The blood red shadow quickly spread along my arm. I shook my arm to get the color off and finally the bleeding stopped. I was startled. I looked into the mirror again and I started to reappear. I stepped backwards desperate for one red and afraid of the other at the same time. I turned around and walked away with a blanket of love around my shoulders hiding the burns of anger on my arm.