I Fell Asleep

I fell asleep
inside the wings
of an eagle
and dreamed I was
a queen on top of
the mountains where
trees whispered
secrets between
the leaves and
clouds carried feelings
that rained down on
people who lived
in flowers and
everything bloomed
in the spring like
the opening of
angel's wings.


Source: http://skarora.com/black-white-neutrals/bl...

Chasing Tigers

I'm chasing tigers
in the rain, rushing
past trees and
fallen branches. The
ground pushes me
forward into the night
and all I can see
are fireflies like
sunspots teasing me
in the dark. The wind
sweeps the rain in
anger around trees
and branches crack
between my feet and
the ground cackles
as it calls my name and
I keep going because
tiger tails brush past
my arms as I reach out
to grab fireflies that
leave trails of secrets
in the shadows.

Source: http://skarora.com/intuitive-studies/study...