The Disappearing Friend

I built a snowman out of pink cotton candy. It was summer and I needed a friend. I started rolling the bubblegum flavor cotton candy along the lawn. The cotton candy was sticky so there were little blades of grass, unwelcome weeds and dandelion heads mixed into the cotton spheres. I stacked the three round cotton structures on top of one another and I had my pink multi-speckled partner by my side. I placed a baseball cap on his head along with a pair of sunglasses. I added straws for arms and gumdrops for buttons. I told him about my dreams to be a ballerina dancing with the ocean waves. I left him outside overnight intending to share my plan to build a tall butterfly ship for my travels the next morning. When I came back, I was sad to see a giant gust of wind had swept my airy cotton friend away. There was sticky pink cotton candy spread all across the grass. I still wanted a friend, so I started rolling my pink snowman together once again.