The Green Box

I received a green box for my birthday. I opened it up, and it was empty. The inside walls of the box were so dark that it absorbed my soul. I pulled away but the black force was stronger than my will power. My neck curled down and my body shriveled into a little ball as I rolled into the dark container. I morphed into a transparent mass of feelings drifting inside my new vacant surroundings. I floated around transitioning from one feeling to the next. As I moved, I swept up more feelings inside of me. I was overwhelmed with emotions that could not be contained in such a small space. I started to spill over the walls and spread into the air. I grew larger and more expansive as the feelings swelled up through my skin. I filled the room like an invisible haze that spread into every empty space. I dominated the air swirling around with hundreds of feelings. I spiraled faster and faster like a tornado until all the feelings got sucked back into the box and the lid snapped shut. The inside of the box remained black and empty. The feelings vanished, and I went with them.