The Intuitive Feather

I found a lucky blue feather. It was pointy and soft, and I wore it in my hair. I let the feather lead me and tell me what to do. I made decisions based on how my feather was leaning in the wind. I followed my feather and it never let me down. I was walking through the forest trails, and I found another feather. This one was a gorgeous green isosceles triangle. I added this new, perfect feather to my hair. At that moment, I could feel myself torn into two directions. I was no longer light and carefree. I was heavy and burdened and didn’t know what to do. I wanted to continue skipping towards the water, but the green feather assured me that it was going to rain. The blue feather reminded me of how much I loved dancing in puddles, but the green feather told me that I would ruin my new shoes. I tip-toed a little further along the path and listened to the feathers fighting in my hair. I was allured by the perfect green but attached to my flowy blue. I pulled the green feather out of my hair and tossed it away in the wind. I danced in the rain with the blue feather in my hair ruining my new shoes and I couldn’t have been happier.