The Unexpected Pet

I received a pet grasshopper in the mail. It came in a tiny sandwich bag with several air holes. This was an unexpected gift, and I named my new pet insect Sprite. My little snap pea Sprite looked pale, and I searched around the house for some food. I left her with the can of poppy seeds and went to take a nap. I came back an hour later, and she had devoured the entire container! She had grown twice the size and plumped up like a balloon. I panicked and decided to take her for a walk to get some exercise. I tied a piece of dental floss around her neck and we headed outside. Sprite was tiny but strong. She bounced up and down and pulled me along. I tried to keep up, but the thin piece of dental floss slipped out of my hands. Sprite flew into the air, and I never saw my green little jumping bean again.