The Lonely Turtle

The grand turtle was turning ninety-two. He was shy and hid inside his shell, so he didn’t have many friends. I baked him an over-sized chocolate chip cookie to celebrate. The cookie was big and heavy, and I couldn’t carry it by myself. I turned the cookie sideways and started to roll it to the turtle’s cave. He lived far away, and I knew no-one would travel there for his birthday. I was determined to see him, so I kept rolling my cookie up the hills and down the valleys. It was hot outside and the sun was beating down me and my cookie. The chocolate chips began to melt leaving a sticky trail behind me. The dark chocolate aroma drew people out of their homes, and they started following the sweetly scented path. My following continued to grow until all of the townspeople drifted along with the smell of my cookie. The lonely grand turtle was overjoyed to see so many people arrive to celebrate his birthday, and together we all shared the giant gooey chocolate chip cookie.