The Red Cloud

I was being stalked by a large red cloud. It trailed me wherever I went. I walked to school, and it strolled along with me. I went to sleep, and it rested on top of me. I climbed a tree, and it floated up too. I didn't know how to get rid of this red cloud.  I googled "red cloud following me" and the red cloud blocked my screen. It knew my thoughts too. I decided I would sink the red cloud in the ocean hoping it couldn’t swim. I jumped into the ocean and the water around me turned red. The waves that were calm turned angry and rough. I tried to swim to shore and I could barely catch my breath. I finally made it to land, grabbing the rocks along the edge with my hand to pull myself up. I sat there, shivering in the cold. The red cloud wrapped itself around me like a warm blanket. Thank you, I said. And the red cloud dissolved through my skin and melted into my heart.