The Giant Hug

I found a giant, awkward and totally lovable heart on the sidewalk. It was cold outside and the heart was frozen in the snow. I wrapped my arms around the heart to carry it home. It was heavy and long, and I tried my best to make sure the tail of the heart stayed off the ground. I got to my house and squeezed the two of us through the door. I placed my giant heart on the couch and together we sat by the fireplace. I fell asleep by the fire resting my head on my giant heart pillow. I dreamed I was a superhero that found hearts around the world and saved them. I recounted lugging this massive heart home to protect it from the cold. I woke up and panicked. The heart was gone. I searched the whole house, but I couldn’t find it. I knew the heart was still there, and I could feel its warmth. The heart melted into a giant, awkward and totally lovable hug that filled the air.